Maa Durga’s special appearance on Baalveer on the occasion of Navratri


With the onset of Navratri, the kids on SAB TVs Baalveer are planning a celebration. Manav and Mehar are planning to celebrate the festival at their home and on the other hand we see a magical carpet flying and merging onto the floor of Dada.   In a humorous situation, Montu and Rohit enter into Dada’s room through a window and step onto the magical carpet and disappear. Following their disappearance, Manish, Saloni, Manav and Meher go to find them in Dada’s room and they also disappear mysteriously. Everyone becomes anxious on the disappearance of the kids and their actual location.


Baalveer and Ranipari understand that the magical carpet has been planted by Prachandika as a part of her wicked plans. And while they want to slay Prachandika,  there are certain circumstances because of which if Ranipari slays Prachandika, she will also die in the process. Smita who is worried about the situation prays to Goddess Durga to help her find the missing kids. While praying Ma Durga appears and gives her a trishul to slay Prachandika.

Will Smita be able use the Trishul right to release the kids? And what will happen to Prachandika?


Talking about her experience in playing the role of Smita Dagli, actress Amita Choksi said, “What I have experienced is that good always wins over bad and when it comes to kids, a mother can go to any extent. I hope wish our viewers a very happy Navratri.”


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