NEW YORK, July 8, 2014: Entrepreneur Matthew Richmond, founder of Made in College, is preparing to introduce Puffin Spray to the marketplace, a custom formulated nano-particle, hydrophobic water Repellent.

Puffin Spray

Puffin Spray works by altering the way liquid interacts with the surface layer. Instead of breaking the surface tension of the water droplet, the spray, keeps the droplet in tact, allowing it to bounce off, leaving the fabric dry.

As a Manhattan resident relying on his bike for transportation, Richmond initially envisioned Puffin Spray as a solution to keeping his bike seat dry and protected from the elements.

“I started tinkering with water Repellent sprays for shoes and tents [for the bike seat],” Richmond said. “But we found that they either just didn’t work, only lasted a couple of hours or completely ruined brand new seats. It became clear pretty quickly that we needed to go right to manufactures to find a custom solution to this problem.”

After visiting with one manufacturing plant and with the help of nano science, Richmond and team arrived on a special composite spray that coats each individual fiber of fabric in which it comes in contact. After application, the material becomes hydrophobic, repelling water just like a Puffin’s coat. Hence the name, Puffin Spray.

Manhattan entrepreneur introduces hydrophobic water Repellent spray

In order to officially launch the product, Made in College has a Kickstarter campaign running to raise $15,000 through mid-August. Posting the product on the Kickstarter website alone has gained an immense amount of attention and interest in the uses of Puffin Spray.

“Shortly after posting the project, we became inundated with questions,” Richmond said. “Like the story of the Post-it® Note, we wondered if we landed on an unintentional invention. So our team continued to tinker with the formulation and testing. Turns out we were in for an amazing surprise!”

Richmond’s team discovered Puffin Spray is effective on a much larger selection of fabrics, giving it a variety of applications. In addition to bike seats and clothing, the solution can be used on shoes, purses, watchstraps, backpacks, construction boots, car seats and more.

Puffin Spray won’t change the color or texture of the fabric to which it’s applied, unlike other commercial water repellents. In addition, it contains ingredients that are present in water, animals, plants and the normal human diet, making it environmentally friendly.

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