Modern science and technology are the crucial secrets in making life colorful for new products are timely produced to cater to the needs of the public. Music has penetrated into various aspects of human life for a long time. Upon such inspiration, Airwheel is now undergoing great development by creating the newest limited version of Airwheel X6 music brimming with the twinkle of humanity which boasts the function of music player.

Airwheel X6 is recognized as a great breakthrough along its long course of development in producing electric scooters. The typical difference compared with Airwheel’s previous sonetlm2s products is the newly enchanting music function. The new Airwheel self-balancing scooters X6 have made full use of the charm of music to attract consumers.

It is so widely seen that many people, especially those who are office workers and students, tend to listen to music while walking or taking subway. Bestowed with the function of built-in music player and intelligent wireless transmission chip, Airwheel X6 has enjoyed a huge market in which people are also entertained with the high-fidelity sound quality and freedom in listening to whatever they want for most mobile phones can control music playing.

On the other hand, what consumers concerns most is the electricity consumption problem. Though new function has been added to Airwheel X6, it does not consume too much electricity for the possession of the most advanced processor worldwide. The battery of Airwheel X6 can be recharged 1,800 times. Therefore, there is no necessity at all to worry about battery burning. Besides, the low consumption of electricity has been the most recommended quality of Airwheel X6 which actively responds to the call of environmental protection.

Though Airwheel self-balancing scooters can weave in the street easier than other vehicles, one may still feel bored and frustrated when riding a self-balancing scooter in the crowded street. Airwheel X6 is undoubtedly a wise choice especially under such circumstance that China is witnessing more and more cars, buses and motor vehicles. Music helps to alleviate such bad moods and thus a more peaceful traffic environment can be cultivated.

The magic of music shows best in Airwheel X6 which provides consumers with perfect musical enjoyment while riding. And Airwheel, being such a humanistic brand, deserves a promising future in the market of self-balancing scooters

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