Mahadev and Arunasur’s face off in Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev


~ Mahadev and Arunasur face each other in a Mahadev’s Maha Episode ~


Mumbai:  Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev, the mythological epic that has steered the nation with a different take on the life of Lord Shiva, now brings to its viewers the ultimate faceoff between Devon ke Dev Mahadev and the fierce demon Arunasur. On the 15th of December, the Maha-Episode will showcase the faceoff between Mahadev and Arunasur, played by Mohit Raina and the versatile actor Rahul Dev. 


Adding glory to the existing storyline, Mohit Raina, who is seen portraying the good and balanced Mahadev will face his enemy Arunasur played by renowned and established actor Rahul Dev. The combination of the two will certainly set the screen on fire.


Going by the story, Arunasur has captured the five devtas who are also the elements of life namely Chandra devta, Surya devta, Varun devta, Agni devta and Pawan devta. The moment the 5 devtas who are the elements of life are captured, the entire universe becomes unbalanced. In order to balance the universe, Parvati takes the burden on herself single handedly which affects her drastically. Meanwhile Arunasur declares his intention of getting his dead mother back by using the Panch Bhoot’s energies. Surya informs Arunasur that their combination of five can only generate the elemental forces but life can only been given by ‘Bhooteshwar’ himself.

Arunasur provokes Bhooteshwar and Mahadev appears in Arunasur’s Rajya as Bhooteshwar Mahadev. Bhooteshwar Mahadev is aggressive and in a fit of rage he destroys all entire defence forces of Arunasur.

After destroying all, Bhooteshwar leaves from Arunasur’s Rajya but a determined Arunasur to get his mother back to life follows him till a deserted mountain where he sees Mahadev’s Bhooteshwar’s roop waiting for him. 


What will happen when Mahadev’s Bhooteshwar roop and Arunasur will come face to face? Catch the face-off between Mahadev and Arunasur in the Maha episode on 15th December, 8pm on Life OK

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