It would be truly repetitive to say that, presently women are found in almost all spheres of activity right from politics to fashion to social work and even in the corporate world. Therefore Women participation even in electing lawmakers is very important and it is their votes that will give them the passport to Equality and safety. Voting for the general elections of India 2014 begins from April 7 with more than 814 million people eligible to vote in the world’s biggest democratic election processes. IBN-Lokmat presents Janatecha Jahirnama — Women special, a show where our anchor would talk to the women travelling in Mumbai’s transport lifeline, The Mumbai Local trains and get their opinions about women participation in Indian Politics. Tune in to IBN-Lokmat on the 26TH of March, Wednesday at 7.30pm to know more about what these women think.

India’s female population is about 614 million and 40% of the registered voters are women this can easily count for a large number of female voters in the upcoming general elections of 2014.Due to many rising issues on women safety, equality and empowerment many political party leaders are promising women centric agendas and policies.

Electing more women leaders will help them connect to the millions of women across India. This would lead to better women centric polices and agendas. For years now, women have been the center of numerous discussions and debates and it is appalling to see that although women are as important as men, they are treated differently. Taking the case of India, a rapidly modernizing and developing nation, most of the urban Indian women are now standing up for their rights and using the education they have received to ignore the social evils and eliminate the orthodox views of society. This can only go further to women living in rural or semi urban areas if there is a government that provides the right and effective environment for women to feel equal, empowered and safe.

Tune in to IBN-Lokmat as we speak to women about their opinions and views on women participation in Indian Politics on the 26th of March at 7.30pm only on Janatecha Jahirnama.