USA - For these householders who want to better decorate their interior lighting system with the LED light, knowing some basically information about the LED light classification LED is very crucial. Now, the professional engineer from famous LED Lights supplier go green LED will tell people the basically division of the LED Lights by the different of Lighting type.

Direct Lighting LED Product

Direct LED lighting product refers to the lighting fixture which 90 % to 100 % emitted light could reach the work surface, resulting in a strong and vivid contrasts of light and shadow effects. This kind of LED lighting product can highlight the crucial of the working place. It could be mainly used for the workplace at home.

Semi-direct LED lighting

This sort of LED lighting fixture is commonly covered by semi-translucent material such that more than 60% to 90 % of the light will be focused toward the working face. in addition, there will be 10% to 40 % of light will be diffused upward. The illumination light of this sort of product is relatively soft. The up diffusing light can also increase the sense of space. Generally speaking, this kind of product is mainly applied to the lower height room.

Indirect LED Lighting

Indirect lighting is the light which has been shaded and then the indirect illumination effect will be greatly shown off. For this lighting product, 90 % to 100 % of the flux will be reflected to the working place by the ceiling or wall, leaving less than 10 % of the light to directly on the work surface. In general, this way of lighting could only be conjunct with other lighting methods to produce the special artistic effects. This lighting product will be mainly used in shopping malls, clothing stores and meeting rooms.

Semi-indirect LED lighting

Compared to the Semi-direct illumination, the half indirect illumination light is a completely opposite lighting way. The Semi-indirectly go green Light is that the translucent light shade will be mounted in the lower portion of the lamp so that more than 60 % of the light will be shined to flat thereby forming an indirect light source and the remaining 10% to 40 % of the light will be diffused down. This approach can produce more obvious lighting effects which could let low height house be increased with the sense of higher. This kind of lighting product could be sued for the space such as lobby and hallways.

Diffused LED Lighting

The diffuse illumination LED lights make use of the reflection function component on the light to control glare, which will diffuse the light to spread around. This lighting products could be generally divided into two forms which one is the light emitted from the lamp shade catchy and then reflected by flat from both sides. Another is to use a translucent shade to totally cover the lamp and the produce diffusing effect . This kind of lighting generates will be very comfortable for eyes and it should be suitable for bedroom and guest room.

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