China - This article from famous canada goose parka online guide Norge Oslo BBS will let people have fully information about main shoes of Nike Free series which are Nike Free 3.0, Nike Free 5.0, Nike Free 7.0 and NIKE FREE EVERYDAY PLUS.


The uppers part of this Nike SKO adopts the double elastic plate design with breathable mesh fabric. The midsole use the compression EVA with Free sipes to achieve the reinforcement effect for the forefoot. The outsole of this shoe applies the BRS1000 rubber to enhance its durability. Overall speaking, the FREE 3.0 one kind of training shoes could enhance foot and leg strength with the highly sensitive. The design of this shoe has very big difference with other running shoes.


The upper of the nike free sko 5.0 applies the mixed fabrics and tightly man-made fiber inside the shoe to provide good supportive, making this sport shoe become more durable . The midsole abrasion can be up to twice of the outsole which significantly reducing the overall weight of the shoe. The forefoot has been designed with wide grooves in order to enhance the driving force while improving muscle strength and exercise more perfect barefoot feeling for these wearers. The sole slow vibration cushion is increased with the BRS 1000 carbon rubber, making this area more durable.


This shoe adopts the uppers which are made by lightweight breathable material and synthetic leather. These forefoot straps could provide with people very highly supporting. The midsole of this shoe use the Phylon material which could better enhance the flexibility. The outsole uses the Phylon rubber as padding to provide linear and lateral movement of traction. This Nike SKO can improve the ability of athletes in the process of sharp direction changing and allows players to move quickly in all directions.


The FREE EVERYDAY plus is the shoe which should be suitable for long-distance running and usually wearing on the basis of the commonly Nike Free SKO. The uppers of this shoe adopt the synthetic material and breathable mesh which could provide maximum coverage supportive force. The seamless toe part of the structure of this shoe could largely reduce the hurt to people¡¯s toes. The built-in heel trays and foam mat provides maximum comfort feeling. The midsole uses the Phylite to providing cushioning and elasticity and the Zoom Air on the heel provides good starting point for cushioning . The inspiration from Nike Free SKO series could bring with people barefoot wearing feeling.

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