USA - As one of the famous supplier for LCD Separating Machine, LCD Bubble Remover machine and other cell phone repairing tools, the gets very high reputation in the industry as their high quality products and suitable pricing. Among all of their products, the LCD Separating Machine should be the most remarkable one. Today, the engineer from this famous supplier will describe with all reader the featured factors of their bubble removing machine.

The LCD bubble remover machine from applies the PLC device for the operated sequence control. The operating for the form of temperature, pressure and operating time could be all controlled by the intelligent processing. The structure of this machine is very compact and could only occupy small footprint. The reliable and unique interlock safety device could provide the multiple defenses to ensure the quick charge and discharge for inner gas. Overall speaking, there bubbles removing machine own very high degree of automation and the operation is very safe and reliable operation.

The above description is only the overall information about this machine. The factors listed below are detailed information about the advantages of this machine.

First, the machine applies variety of anti-overheating and anti-overpressure protection method. It could help to better ensure the safety of the operation process for this machine and the operator does not need to worry about the security problem.

Second, this machine uses the natural cooling mode which greatly reduces the room consumption of the cooling system.

Thirdly, this machine¡¯s operation method could be mainly divided into the manual operation and automatic operation. It could let the operation has more freedom room in the operation process.

Fourthly, there are three workmanship for this machine, which are temperature and pressure sync increasing, heating first and pressuring and pressuring first and heating.

Fifthly, according to actually process requirements, each operator could easily adjust the dwell time and the time for opening the door.

Sixthly, the MOBILE PHONE LCD REPAIR also owns the high configuration of high-precision air filter which could totally meet with the fluent operation goal. On the other hand, it also applies high quality PLC and HMI control system which could display the parameters and let the operation become easier and easier.

By knowing about all information above, each reader should have fully understanding about the main features of this high quality bubble removing machine from For more information, please do not hesitate to visit their official website.


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