Never used before modern remote employee monitoring systems? Then, you don’t know how much you have been missing! Designed to increase work productivity by real time employee monitoring, remote employee monitoring software comes with many interesting features. From screenshots to detailed reports, to the exact number of hours worked and the applications used, such a program will help you organize better the work flow in your company and maximize work results. Download a free sample today!


If you thought that it’s impossible to monitor your workers no matter their location, think again: today’s technology comes with performance software designed to revolution the way you see work in your company! Created to help you increase productivity in the company, professional remote employee monitoring systems come with many interesting features, offering great advantages for both the employer and the employee.


In simple words, by installing a professional remote employee monitoring software you will be able to monitor all your employees regardless of where they are. These specialised programs of remote employee monitoring have been designed to simplify all monitoring activities in your company, with less to no effort from your side.


So, what exactly does a remote employee monitoring software? First of all, perhaps the most important feature is that it records all the hours your employees have spent working. Using the weekly diagram, it is easy to calculate hourly wages but also to monitor the exact hours recorded by each employee.


For a maximum of accuracy and correctitude in the process of remote employee monitoring, this program will also check whether your employees are really working or are engaged in other types of activities. In this sense, every few minutes, this amazing remote employee monitoring software will take screenshots from the computers of your employees. Can you think of a better way to check on your employees?


Then, another great feature of the remote employee monitoring software is monitoring of active applications. In other words, you will be able to see exactly what applications your employee are using and for how much time. The same monitoring principle applies to the websites visited. More than that, the program allows you to see how much content they create by monitoring the number of keystrokes.


And if you thought that this is it, you will be surprised to learn that there are many more interesting features. From detailed and accurate reports to approval of particular websites, from real time remote employee monitoring to customizable settings, this program satisfies even the most demanding expectations and needs.


In the end, you don’t have to be necessarily in the same place with your employees to know what they are doing: use the best remote employee monitoring program and let technology run its course! Try it today!


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