Overcoming the darker phases of life that he spent behind the bars, Majix makes a strong come back with this latest release salsa Cabana.

North Miami (14th June 2016) - Born & brought up in North Miami, Majic, has changed the conventional approaches of Latin urban pop. Playing an instrumental role in fusing the Top Latino music with the Hip-Hop genre that induced a unique approach to the Latin rap genre of music and thus, adding a completely new soundscape upon the genre of the Best Latino music, he had consolidated his standing as the Best Latino Rapper. No wonder, he is considered the Top Latino Rapper by the music experts, and the mass just loves his unique style of music.

However, the journey of this Top Latino artist had not been that smooth. He was charged with being associated with some illegitimate actions that took him behind the bars of the Federal prison. Post his release from the prison, he changes the way he used to spell his name, adding an extra X that he conceived as a reminder of the mistakes that he committed before and as an alarm that would stop him from getting back to those dark paths.

He is presently having the “salsa Cabana” that is getting played on 20+ Media base & the stations that are monitored through BDS. His latest single impressed Pete Manriquez, ex-director, Univision Radio. Pete was largely impressed by Majix’s passionate performance and unique sound and presently, he is heavily involved with the day-to-day operations of the artists. The duo is even planning to introduce the Spanish version of the album “Salsa Cabana” to the central as well as South American markets. Pet expressed his liking for the artists and even said that Majix holds the necessary talent to become the next-generation torch bearer for the Latin-rap genre of music.

“I aspire to be remembered as the Best Latino artist and it is my dream to leave such a legacy that will inspire the next generation to enter the domain of Latin music and bring further glories to the genre” stated Majix.

About Majix
Majix is a Latino Rapper who earned a significant reputation for his contribution towards the fusion of the conventional Latin music with the Hip-Hop Genre.

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