21, October 2015: Roger is one of the first few people who get Airwheel electric skateboard M3. Is he a sports fan or a technological enthusiast? Surprisingly, he is absolutely a dull and unpopular boy in college. The whole family worries about his social communication skills and athletic ability. To save him from a world of boredom, his mother Jane bought him the M3.


Jane has noticed the popularity of Airwheel electric skateboard on the street. Once in a while, she sees young people ride intelligent unicycles to metro stations. There are even some middle-aged people who ride two-wheeled scooters to supermarkets. The popularity of Airwheel intelligent scooters and the vitality of the young riders have drawn her attention. Maybe it is a perfect tool to get his son assimilated to the young generation.

After weighing the different features of the different Airwheel products, she made up her mind to get her son a M3. Firstly, compared to intelligent unicycles, the motorized skateboard M3 doesn’t require too much balancing skills and is easy to handle with a remote control. Secondly, Roger once had a skateboard when he was a young boy. Maybe it is time to rouse his interest in sports games again.


Airwheel electric skateboard M3 is more than a sports toy. It is integrated with two intelligent chips and SONY battery. Judging from its appearance, the four super wide tires with special tread patterns are very eye-catching. It enhances the skid resistance and grip effect. Therefore, M3 has better safe performance. Both the front and rear wheels are equipped with PU material damper mass to absorb shock and make glide more smoothly. It could perfectly serve as a commuting vehicle.

The family has sensed changes in Roger since he got the M3. He rode M3 on campus each day. His peers are attracted by the fancy gadget. M3 gets him into a new community and he grows more optimistic than before.

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