After releasing their mission statement to the public, the Mommy Please has now released their Vision Statement. Encompassing the new goals of the company and the direction Mommy Please will head towards in the near future, the Vision Statement is similar to Mommy Please’s Mission Statement. A company spokesperson commented on the Vision Statement recalling, “[Mommy Please] has seen great success over the past year. It is time for us to expand and make a healthier world…” Mommy Please is the maker of an innovative plastic food, and their new Vision Statement is as follows:

“Increased Focus
Since its founding, Mommy Please has committed its time, knowledge, efforts to one product: plastic foods. However, in order for Mommy Please to be more impactful, the already narrow focus of plastic foods will be squeezed to focus on a single plastic food set as the only product that Mommy Please produces. This in depth focus allows more time and effort to be put into one thing that will breed success in creating a healthy world.

Increased Innovation
Since its creation, Mommy Please has consistently pushed the borders of knowledge and innovation. In order for Mommy please to always be on the cutting-edge, more time and energy will be put into experimentation with the design, material, and use of the plastic food

Increased Movement
Met by challenges, Mommy Please pushes to touch all healthy homes and hearts. Likewise, Mommy Please will push harder to reach and improve the lives of children everywhere. How? Focus on quality. Focus on giving real value. Decreased prices. And increase marketing expenses.

Vision: Mommy please will have the #1 Best Selling Plastic food on by June 1st of 2017, improving the healthy habits of at least 50,000 children.”

Mommy please now offers a single 125 piece ultimate plastic food set that is lavished with positive reviews on The plastic food is also BPA Free with a USA artist custom design. Discounted for a very limited time at 48% off for $23.91, the plastic food from Mommy please can be found on where all orders over $49 receive free shipping.
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