USA - For each NBA FANS, owing one piece of replica championship ring of their beloved NBA team should be the utmost honor. The famous 1985 oklahoma sooners championship ring online supplier ROCKCHAMPIONS could help each people easily get their favorite NBA championship ring. However, before purchasing for these replica rings, each fans need to carefully read this article to know about the related details about the real NBA championship rings.

Each piece and version of NBA championship ring needs to go through 75 to 100 people’s manual labor from the initial design concept to mold manufacturing and then the finishing of the finally finished sparkling rings. Generally speaking, the time-consuming for each production process for the real NBA rings could reach to average of 10 weeks or more. On the other hand, some more complicated NBA championship rings even need to spend about half of year to complete.

As the introduction of editor from Replica Championship Ring online store ROCKCHAMPIONS, these rings are commonly made ​​of 14K white gold and the weight of platinum could normally reach to 2 ounces. Furthermore, these big diamond on these rings are more expensive that the white gold. It has been said that the value of each diamond on the 1996 Bulls team’s championship ring could be no less than 7500 dollars and the number of this experience diamond is already up to as much as 76. This number should be very amazing and exciting for each NBA fans. However, the replica championship rings will not use these real diamons as the rings’ decoration.

Overall speaking, the real NBA championship rings could be mainly divided into two sorts

The first sort of NBA championship ring is the one which will be engraved with the name of these players who take part in the final match and got relatively goals . Those players have data in the official record and they should be the man who really does contribution to their team.

The second sort of NBA championship ring is only for these players who do not play on the field for a long period of time and always sitting on the bench. The rings for these players will not be engraved their own name as they do not do any actually contribution to the winning of their team.

However, each NBA fans should have already mastered the basically knowledge about the real NBA championship rings. If people really want to have one pieces of replica championship rings, please do not hesitate to visit the official website if ROCKCHAMPIONS.


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