There are profound, yet manageable differences between the way men and women speak. Male transgender voice therapy is a burgeoning field and many new and exciting advances in managing specific voice patterns have been developed. The specialists at the L.A. Speech Therapy have done extensive research on gender-related voice topics and have compiled an exhaustive list of helpful techniques specially designed for specific transgender issues.

In-depth male transgender voice therapyresearch has elucidated some very compelling findings which demonstrate that men and women have very distinct patterns of speech. Men typically have a more baritone, deep resonating voice that exudes from the chest, whereas women typically have a thinner, higher tone, which has an air of brightness and typically exudes from the throat. Women’s voices tend to be more melodic and undulate between highs and lows, whereas men’s voices tend to be more monotone sounding.

There are other very distinct differences between the way men and women speak. Insights into male transgender voice therapy( suggest that men are more purposeful in their speech patterns, often incorporating, a very pronounced, staccato emphasis. With men there are typically abrupt, definitive ends to sentences, and very few pauses utilized. Conversely, women are more gentle in their pronunciation, and allow plenty of space for breath and pauses, which gives their speech patterns a more tolerant, inviting feel. Women’s speech patterns allow interlocutors to take part in the conversation in a free-flowing, non-abrasive way.

With this extensive research and insight, the male transgender voice therapy center has assembled a comprehensive set of tools and practices for improving gender-specific speech patterns. It has been demonstrated that by following the prescribed recommendations, clients can methodically control gender voice expression. Using unique approaches to instruction and proprietary implementation techniques, the team has demonstrated proven success in applying their methods in ways that consistently effect change in their clients. Though consultation and training, the male transgender voice therapyteam can offer ways to make systematic improvements on gender-specific voice patterns.

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