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New Lenox, Il, 10/6/2015 — yes some would say chemotherapy not only kills, but it's flat out murders. Keep readying you'll know why.
If the term "murdered" seems a bit harsh to you, think again. The reason being the doctors administering the chemotherapy already know what to expect and what you are about to read.
During the month May 2015 a woman from Brown County Texas called Miracle Alternatives, LLC.
She spoke to James explaining to him her husband was now in stage four cancer. He had been on chemotherapy for weeks, and it flat out killed him before the cancer could.
Apparently when he started the chemotherapy, he was near stage three cancers. The longer he was on chemotherapy the wars he became.
Finally, the news gets even worse. He ended up in stage four cancers and was miserable. The doctors still did not suggest he gets off the chemotherapy.
Therefore, it was a no brainer, perhaps too late. She took him off the chemotherapy.
After speaking to James of Miracle Alternatives, LLC James explained she could purchase a rife machine. A rife machine is what people usually use in place of deadly chemotherapy. However, he also was honest and upfront and did tell her that stage four cancers were probably too late. However, perhaps it could buy him more time.
The man's wife understood but was desperate to try anything. As she stated if it does not help her husband at least after seeing the evil of not only cancer but the evil in chemotherapy, she would like her and her family to start using the rife machine regularly to prevent the possibility of cancer.
Normally, it would take about 7-14 days to build the rife machine and ship it out. However, the company happened to have a demo machine and shipped it out next day.
Not less than a week after having the rife machine her husband died.
She amazingly did call Miracle Alternatives, LLC back to tell James the horrible news. However, she wanted to thank him and the company for their honesty and trying to help.
As she explained this was a wake-up call. Start using the rife machine ASAP especially if cancer runs in your family.
Watching her husband to not only suffer from the cancer but watching him dies even faster from the horror of the chemotherapy was even harder because she decided to put him on the poisonous chemical.
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Summary: James Matthew explains the horror and downfalls of chemotherapy;
Treating cancer is HUGE business in the United States and Canada -- in fact, it's a $250 billion a year business. However, 98 percent of conventional cancer treatments not only FAIL miserably, but are also almost guaranteed to make cancer patients sicker.
What's worse: The powers are suppressing natural cancer cures that could help tens of thousands of people get well and live cancer free with little or no dependence on drugs, surgery and chemotherapy.
The treatment of cancer in the U.S. is one of the most bald-faced cover-ups in medical history. Enough is enough! You deserve to know the truth about the criminality of oncologists and about the dangers of chemotherapy, conventional cancer treatments and the cancer "business."
Chemotherapy kills more than cancer. Want proof? Did you know that 9 out of 10 oncologists would refuse chemotherapy if they had cancer? Those're up to 91% - a huge percentage that clearly shines a light on the truth: chemotherapy kills. Conventional oncologists are not only allowing this to happen, but they're also bullying many patients into chemotherapy and surgery right after their diagnoses.
As usual, even in medical care, even knowing it is a life-threatening disease like cancer, money is the number-one priority.
If a doctor had set the patient up with daily sessions of rife machine things may have turned out much different.
As James puts it, "Will a rife machine cure the cancer? We don't know. Sometimes yes sometimes no." "However, we already know the odds, pain, suffering and reasons for administering chemotherapy.
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