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New Lenox, Il, 10/12/2015 — Every now and then Miracle Alternatives, LLC runs across some bizarre or unusual medical news and likes to share it with its readers.
Man Survives A Nail In His Head
Talk about getting nailed.
60-year-old George Chandler was working in his backyard in Kansas on Friday to build a lattice for his wife when the freak incident took place. He and a friend were working with a nail gun when the tool's hose got tangled. His friend tried to fix it, and the device unexpectedly went off.
At first, the pair were at a loss as to what became of the 2-inch nail. Chandler, however, felt a quick pinch on the left side of his head.
"[My friend] asked me if I saw where it went, and I said I'm not sure, but I felt something on my head," Chandler told the Kansas City Star.
There was no blood, and Chandler remained conscious all the way to the hospital. In fact, he felt no pain at all.
The frightening yet a bizarre story took another strange twist when they arrived at the hospital.
Chandler told KCTV5, a local television station, that he heard the doctor ask: "Does anybody have a hammer, a claw hammer... I thought he was teasing at first."
The doctor was quite serious, and when a claw hammer was located, he used it to remove the nail from Chandler's cranium.
He was extremely lucky, doctors reportedly told him. The nail barely missed several important blood vessels.
"I feel very lucky," Chandler said. "Very, very lucky."
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