, a prominent dental care located in Manhasset, has recently announced to offer advanced dental treatments by its dedicated team of professionals. according to the information provided at the site, this particular dental care offer  a wide range of dental services including bridges, crowns, dentures, partials, extractions and root canals. The site has also added that its professionals are trained to treat conditions including obstructive sleep apnea and TMJ disorder. Although the Manhasset miracle smile dental care offer a wide range of general dental services, it specializes in implant, cosmetic and restorative dentistry. The information provided at the site revealed that this specialization enables them to provide services such as KOR whitening, tooth replacement, composite bonding, veneer placement and clear invisalign braces.

The advanced dental treatments will not only help patients to maintain good gum heath but also ensure in maintaining a healthy teeth. While this is undoubtedly important, there are also many people who are concerned about the aesthetic aspect of their teeth, who can benefit from treatments that are more committed on ensuring that their teeth always look great. The site has revealed that its advanced dentistry services can bring corrective changes for patients to get a beautiful set of teeth. The site further added that it uses advanced technology and gentle technique to provide general, cosmetic, restorative and implant dentistry to all its patients.

The site also added that it offers customized treatment at a reasonable price. The professionals added that every patient may require a unique treatment and for this reason its team devises a dental treatment that is customized depending on the specific needs of the patient.  For more information please go to

About is a renowned dental care that offers a wide range of effective and advanced dental treatments in Manhasset. This particular dental clinic has a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. The professionals at also offer advice to patients on the variety of treatment options that are available. This helps patients find the smile they want while at the same time making sure in retaining the heath of the gums and teeth.


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