HONGKONG - It is difficult, nay, impossible to imagine a life without a mobile phone. Technical experts predict www.carreway.com that the mobile phone will soon be the computing platform replacing the ubiquitous personal computer and Note Books. Mobile phones come in all shapes and prices and are manufactured and distributed by as many manufacturers and dealers like Cofface Technology (HK) Co. Ltd.and its shopping portal carreway.com The company is an e-commerce enterprise and reaches its customers through its popular shopping portal and vice versa. The most popular brands that currently dominate the market are Apple¡¯s iphone, Samsung¡¯s Galaxy, and Nokia¡¯s Lumia with Apple leading the pack. According to industry sources, Apple has cornered ninety percent of the market share with a mere ten percent shared by others.

iphone is the Apple¡¯s contribution to the smart phone sector. According to the late Steve Jobs, Apple¡¯s charismatic founder and CEO, ¡°This will change the course of men¡¯s lives¡±. The iphone is a phone, personal computer, plays video, music and a host of other utilities rolled into one and is a virtual back office. The product design is so convenient that one can carry it around in the jacket pocket and not feel it is there. There are many accessories that go with the iphone and other brands of smart phones of which keyboard with iphone case is very popular with users.

iphone¡¯s multi touch screen is the most remarkable feature in it and a smart phone without this will be something as unimaginable as July 4th without fireworks. The on screen board is such a revolutionary innovation and most users are not only just comfortable with it but love its feel. But some people do not agree with and do not feel comfortable without a physical key board they can actually feel with their fingers. Though it is not likely to come about, they are not entirely without hope either. Now one can get cases that provide keyboards for fisheye iphone 4 lens iphones.iphone keyboard cases are available accessories and come in a variety of colors and designs. Beautifully crafted cases in exotic designs adorn show room shelves and product catalogues.

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About Cofface Technology (HK) Co.Ltd.

Based in Hongkong, Cofface Technology (HK) Co.Ltd. is a global enterprise trading in 3C products fisheye lens for iphone 5 of leading brands of electronic devices. The company has a popular shopping portal through which it sells its wares. It stocks products of market leaders such as Apple, Samsung, and Nokia.

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