01 August, 2014: A class of first and second-year students in marine biology, ecology and marine science from Falmouth Marine School has just returned from a one-week school tour to Egypt, a local news portal reports.

According to the article published on the website of This Is The West Country, the students spent most of the week in Dahab, where they engaged in various scientific research activities and experiments related to their area of study. The vast majority of these experiments revolved around the study of the coral reef and its varied and colourful marine life, which was the main purpose of the trip.

Aside from having the chance to study this fragile and endangered eco-system, the Falmouth Marine School students also had the opportunity to hone their diving and snorkelling skills at the beautiful and world-famous Blue Hole, among other places. Rather than simply serve as a leisure complement to the trip’s main purpose, however, these activities aimed to equip the students in question with skills that may prove important — if not essential — in their future line of work.

All in all, the Falmouth students engaged in a total of twelve diving sessions across nine different locations along the Red Sea, submerging to explore the coral reef up close at each of them.

Overall, feedback for this trip from the participating students was overwhelmingly positive, with many considering the experience unforgettable. Some of the youths involved in the school tour also considered that the knowledge gleaned from it would be important ahead of their transition into university.

Scientific research is only one of the many educational enhancement activities a school tour can be used towards. Other well-known applications of this educational trope include volunteer work abroad, sports tours and cultural trips, generally to a historic site or one of the major world capitals.

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