Leading travel expert Mark Tull is to detail his latest voyage around the world via a brand new website which recently went live. 

The new site, which is called “Mark Tull — Travelling The World One Country At A Time”, debuted in August 2013, following on from some frenetic promotion on Mark Tull’s Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest platforms. 

It is already causing much conversation and excitement on the Internet, especially in various travel forums and blog platfroms, with Mark Tull’s followers eagerly awaiting the next steps in his self-confessed ‘crazy’ worldwide adventure. 

Thus far, Mark Tull has travelled to the churches of Göreme, soaked up the sun in Menorca, and gone hiking in the Canadian Rocky Mountains — all in the space of just one month! 

Mark Tull, who when not travelling resides in South London with his family, said: “This latest chapter in my life, which will be detailed on my Mark Tull website, is an extraordinarily exciting opportunity for me.” 

“I look forward to detailing every facet of my travels on this new website. Boy, it’s going to be some ride, I can tell you. So stay tuned and remember to drop me a comment some time!” 

Mark Tull started his career in travel as a travel journalist on the Daily Express newspaper. After becoming tired of the daily grind, he left his job to pursue a freelance life and to make money online. 

For more information on Mark Tull and get the latest updates from his trip around the world, visit the website at http://www.mark-tull.org . For media enquires and advertising requests, or just to drop an email to say hello, head over to the contact form on the website. 

Alternatively, those on Social Media may get in touch with Mark Tull by making contact with him on his Social Media accounts, such as Google Plus . 

About Mark Tull 

Mark Tull has risen in prominence to become one of the world’s leading experts on travel and tourism. After a brief career in journalism for a leading national newspaper, Mark now blogs full-time and earns a respectable living on the Internet. Visit his website for more information. 

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