Bellingham, WA - 6/17/15 -, leading developer of analytical and charting solutions for technical analysis of stocks and market indexes, is pleased to announce the release of a Windows application to scan market and select stocks by various technical criteria. “The need to cross boundaries of personal computing when it comes to technical analysis has long been an issue we wanted to address. With the introduction of this Windows store app that’s compatible with most Microsoft powered devices, integration and personal use can be widespread and easier even at home. Different versions of Windows operating systems have long dominated the global market share so it’s natural that we feel the need to develop an app to address this gap first before any other platforms,” explains Victor Kalitowski, an official company representative.

The app is called the “Technical Stock Screener” available at no charge and easily downloadable via Microsoft Store’s portal:

This Windows application covers most popular stock charts, filters and screeners. Most volatile stock, most traded stocks by volume, most invested stocks by money flow, overbought stocks and oversold stocks are also accessible through this application.

All stocks filters and screeners are available within this application and they could be used in the multilevel filtering to narrow the scanned stocks by various technical criteria. While the same stock filters and screeners could be found on’s web site (, this Windows application allows traders and market analyst have fast access and convenient user interface [that they’ve grown accustomed with] to make working process lighter.


Market Volume is one of the leaders in market research and development of new ways to analyze stock markets. Being in research and development for more than 15 years, Market Volume’s team has developed the unique ability to see the missing market information which could be obtained and delivered by using current technology in an environment with a user-friendly interface that appeal to both traders and market analysts alike.

There are a number of unique proprietary technologies that could be found nowhere else but on Some of them are complicated and require more study while other data could be easily understood even by a novice trader. Volume, price and volatility are essential trend parameters which need to be analyzed in order to receive a complete picture of a price movement. When it comes to analysis of market indexes Breadth data and their analysis should be added to this list. Market Volume is one of the rarest websites where traders can analyze all of these data to see if they are not missing anything on their own analysis efforts.

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