Bellingham, WA-7/01/15 — manages to release another first in option trading industry through a list of strike prices and risks associated with each. This has been made possible through their new online probability calculator developed by Victor Kalitowski. This informational gap on strike price level stock charts can now be easily referenced on their website. It helps calculate probabilities of QQQ trades going either below or above strike prices (price levels) in specific number of target trading days. Any figures it produces help traders clearly see risks when selecting prices for a QQQ stock options trading. is a leading provider of online solutions for stock and market indexes technical analysis.

Focusing on the Probability Calculator

Unlike usual technical analysis methods and indices that releases, this calculator works like a modern day iteration of “flip a coin”. It assumes a 50-50 odds that any QQQ stock will be trading up or down on any days. Average volatility is the only technical parameter involved but no other fundamental or technical analysis is applied further.

The website has uploaded a readily viewable table of possible price levels between the 91 and 124 range. When reading this table, it is advisable to also understand it in terms of risk in money options buy-in or sell-out. Most option traders know it’s risky and this calculator exactly shows the levels of vulnerability involved when traders select deeper money options. However, the calculator does not solicit any QQQ options at any strike price.

Victor Kalitowski warns then that the prices set in their table be used to aid their trading analysis and identify between riskier and more conservative QQQ option strike prices whenever they wish to join options trading.

Understanding Options Trading
When it comes to options trading it is very important to asses the risks involved in options trading. Experts advise whether a trader sides to become an options buyer or seller, selecting strike prices carfully place on options order is a sensitive matter and understanding degree of risks involved should affect the choice.

Options trading is different from naked options with the manner by which conservative trades are achieved. In the former, most traders buy more money options which makes it more volatile against time out and therefore riskier to purchase. The latter deals primarily with traders selling more money options which lessens risks on their part. Probability calculator price levels comes into play in relegating riskier options for both types of trading.

For traders considering types of strike prices to select, selecting premiums and intrinsic or extrinsic options value should be taken into consideration.

This calculator is readily availible for all stock analysts, beginners, experts and traders at:


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