Despite what many say, print advertising is not dead.  In fact, for many companies this type of marketing remains a positive and effective way to help bolster a physical therapy, chiropractic or other specialized practice.  Many of these offices act on a referral basis, so having a steady stream of patients is necessary. In particular, physical therapy marketing benefits from high-quality printed materials that you can push into the local community, according to CEO Neil Trickett.

Practice Promotions makes high-quality, professional physical therapy brochures for these practices. They don’t just do brochures, they also   Each brochure is custom designed to the customer’s exacting specifications.  The high-gloss finish means an ideal way to continue attracting patients and help retain those who need consistent therapy.

Each physical therapy brochure fits perfectly in standard brochure holders and feature two sizes.  The standard 8.5 x 11" trifold and a larger 8.5 x 14" rollout mean a brochure that will help meet the budgets of any size practice.

“You can customize a brochure to concentrate on a specific aspect of your practice, care or techniques that are performed in your office.  This way your patients will have knowledge about what to expect and be informed to make better treatment decisions.  This is ideal for pediatric patients,” said Neil Trickett, CEO of Practice Promotions.

Those who are interested can find a free sample packet on the website.  All that is necessary is some mailing information.

“We want to help you grow your practice.  Our philosophy is to try to get ‘One more patient than you can handle.’  This is the best way to help a practice grow and help your patients get better at the same time,” said Trickett.

Founded by a former private practice owner, Practice Promotions has many years of experience in physical therapy marketing, chiropractic marketing, and medical practice marketing. Their expertise is in increasing the number of patients you have via powerful practice marketing to get more doctor referrals, increase word of mouth, build your professional brand, and increase your return on marketing investments at an affordable rate.

Additional information, including tips on helping your practice grow using physical therapy brochures is available on the website.  Visit for additional details.

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