Heidelberg / Germany As for advent season Marketing Nastasi offers their 30 days online course manifesting for a promotion price. Everyone can learn how to manifest everything he or she wants with success for now only 59,50 $ instead of 99,50 $ before.

In times of economy crisis people long for good news more than ever. Now it is possible to reach all the aims one has got with the help of a 30 days online course that works with the universal laws of attraction. Brain researches teach us that we need to do a thing for at least 21 days so that our brain will accept it as a new habit. That is why Marketing Nastasi has created this online course of 30 days the human brain will then accept the positive thinking and the work with the law of attraction as a new good habit for sure.
The English speaking market does not offer anything comparable. Marketing Nastasi works with a daily e-mail with an exercise (30 days), a daily live online chat (30 days), 24 hours access to an internal bulletin board and the option of writing a private e-mail with an answer within 24 hours, plus the option of getting the handbook that matches the course „Manifesting 2.0“ with extra exercises and additional information and of course 24 hours access to the online portal with also lots of additional information. Other providers offer things like nine weeks long one e-mail per week but no other service or a pure audio course of 5 or 6 hours with no additional support. Another provider we found offeres live online events of 1,5 or 2 hours plus use of the portal but no other services. The last provider we found was one who would send the interested person 365 days a daily e-mail with a manifestation but again no other service apart from that.

Now one might think that this lot of service will cost a big lot of money but that is not the fact. Marketing Nastasi wants to help as many people as possible. That is why the course is practical for every day as reading and doing the exercise will not take longer than 30 minutes and that is also why it is affordable for everyone with a little price. Marketing Nastasi now presents their great advent promotion with the sensational price of 59,50 $ instead of 99,50 $ before. The handbook Manifesting 2.0 (worth 21,50 $) is included in this promotion. It will be delivered by Amazon for free. The promotion price is limited and will end on December 6th 2009.

Further information and booking on http://manifesting.marketing-nastasi.de

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Marketing Nastasi operates an online mental coaching portal, which started in May 2008 in Germany with great success. Its basic idea is to help people by means of modern techniques to reach their aims within 30 days. The German model started different additional courses with topics like love, money, health and desired weight, which are also very popular. In German, there are also external coaches like Heidi Wellmann (job coaching) and Christian Reiland (Law of attraction online course).