(Free Press Release) Atten: Lean Six Sigma Consultants and Organizations

Fort Wayne, IN - September 22, 2010 --Business901 introduces Marketing your Black Belt, a 28 day program for Lean Six Sigma Consultants and Organizations. This program will specifically address issues such as customer acquisition, retention and how you effectively communicate and collaborate with them. Joe Dager, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt will be hosting the 28 days of training and implementation. If you are interested in participating, you can find out more at http://Business901.com or http://MarketingYourBlackBelt.com. All Attendees will receive a Free download of How to Achieve Expert Status.

Dager also added, "This program is designed to give Lean Six Sigma practitioners a simple, effective, affordable and measurable approach to marketing. The question I ask many black belts: How Good are you at Marketing Yourself? I believe that Lean Six Sigma Consulting has the greatest opportunity ever and in my terms, opportunity = NEED. What we need is the greatest transformation of efficiencies from know-how to implementation, and I think Lean Six Sigma is ideally suited to fulfill that need. Marketing your Black Belt is based specifically on addressing these issues:

1. Customer Acquisition: The process of finding new customers is expensive.

2. Marketing: Advertising is expensive, and you may not have the specialized skills or time to create sophisticated websites or professional-looking marketing materials.

3. Customer Retention: It is hard to stretch limited resources in order to spend time with existing customers while trying to acquire new ones.

4. Communication & Collaboration: Your customers need to be able to stay in touch with you from anywhere.

5. Covering All Aspects Of Marketing: You don‘t have time to become an expert in every role required to market your business.

Designed to give Lean Six Sigma practitioners a reliable, effective and affordable approach to marketing, this is not about coaching you to make better decisions or better use of your time; it is about installing a repeatable process that becomes part of your culture.  Use of proven methodologies enables customers to build applications in a very short amount of time. The result is increased development speed, higher customer satisfaction and decreased time. Utilizing this method, you spend your time on the need versus the plan. The simplicity of a single flexible model will create clarity for you and/or staff and as a result better execution.

Program Structure and Agenda: During the first three sessions you will receive all the tools and training needed to design your individual 28-day marketing action plan. You will sign up to start on the 2nd Thursday and for the following 28 days. There are a limited number of seats.

Session 1: 60 minutes([email protected] 11:00AM)
Session 2: 60 minutes([email protected] 11:00AM)
Session 3: 60 minutes([email protected] 11:00AM)
Session 4, 5, 6: 45 minutes([email protected] 11:00AM)

In addition to the six live webinars and coaching sessions, the program includes:
1. White papers and resources
2. Website where participants can interact, form referral groups and find additional training resources
3. Weekly email support between class sessions
4. Review of individual marketing action plans with feedback
5. All class sessions are recorded so participants who miss a session, or wish to review, may listen and review at their convenience.

About Joe Dager:
Joe, the owner of Business901 is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Business901 provides direction in areas such as Lean Six Sigma Marketing and Achieving Expert Status. Business901 has designed their services and product offerings so that they are implementable systems that work in the real, not enough time, not enough people world we operate in. We provide tools that simplify the marketing process, not complicate it. If you visit the Business901.com website, you can download the Value Stream Marketing eBook. Dager‘s experience includes numerous start-ups, several turnarounds in variety of industries to include manufacturing, retail, and professional services to include marketing.

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