San Francisco, December09th, 2015: Buoyed by the prodigious response for their earlier event on ‘Growth Hacking- The future of eCommerce’, the high spirited team of Ecommercemix organized a sequel event on November 30, 2015 at San jose. The countenances of attendees of this event raked in jubilance as this clutter breaker event piggy bagged on the oratorical brilliance and astuteness of growth hackers of the team of Ecommercemix.  The quantum of reputation of Ecommercemix as the ultimate trailblazing hub of ecommerce enthusiasts in general and expert growth hackers in particular reached a tipping point due to an overwhelming response from a diverse and illustrious pool of audiences.

Voicing his opinion on the 5 things that help the eCommerce market players carve a niche for themselves in the thriving e-commerce industry, Mike Trevor, expert growth hacker and product developer at Ecommercemix strongly opined, “Marketplace vendors and ecommerce players will have to face challenging yet rewarding circumstances. User experience will play a pivotal role and this is true of attention. What all users expect from ecommerce marketplace vendors are neat and simple UI (User Interface), captivating and compelling landing pages and decent search results. We have revamped our website to add quality and incisiveness. We were mindful of our changes and from the stats obtained from SEMrush SEO intelligence tool, we incorporated a few changes in our Admire ecommerce marketplace and Admire digital marketplace scripts. SEMrush gives you accurate results and these results are not formed through cold calculations. We hedged our bets carefully to integrate this tool in our marketplace scripts.“

Adopting a calm demeanor, he asserted, “Logistics infrastructure in many third world countries is under-developed. Logistics will occupy the center stage. It sounds easy in principle to partner with multiple chain logistics but in reality, one has to take pains to strike a nice tandem with multiple chains. Delivery speed and shipping costs provide the most bang for our additional bucks. eCommerce websites should definitely take into consideration the option of integrating reverse logistics in their marketplaces. For our amazing products- Admire eCommerce marketplace, Admire digital marketplace and Admire mCommerce, multiple chain logistics partners are on the fly.”

In a ringing endorsement for the multi store eCommerce industry, he claimed, “eCommerce has gone through all the dark and gloomy days. Eventually, it trounced all the clouds of melancholy. However, variety in products and product choices still remains a matter of grave concern. To tone up the strength of ecommerce industry’s focus, multi-niche strategic partnerships are the need of the hour. A multi-vendor marketplace script conjures up success and growth. Ecommerce players should no longer have a territorial domain.”

This unflinching growth hacker who was the cynosure of all eyes admitted, “Pricing should be transparent. Apart from regular customer service and 24*7 helpline centers, a balanced and a fair return strategy should become the warp of all initiatives. Otherwise, your ecommerce business may turn out to be a dud. In all likelihood, this may become a key differentiator.”

He humorously concluded, “What is heroic to a few may be moronic for others. However, there is one thing which never takes a contradictory stand and it is nothing but ‘payment.’ Both sellers and buyers agree to the fact that one cannot avail the services of a marketplace script without the presence of payment gateways. Unfortunately in India, credit card penetration resembles a scathing denunciation that cannot be ignored. As an alternative, we have embedded a ‘Cash-On-Delivery’ module in our marketplace scripts. This module maintains a list of buyers who have ordered for a particular product, who have made payment, who have given their feedback, the time of purchase etc.”

Steve Watson reckoned all the digital marketers to come up with innovative growth hacking strategies. To adjudicate on all paramount factors, Steve Watson explained the term ‘Framing effect.’ Framing effect is all about framing questions and sentences thereby presenting an irrefutable choice before target audiences. Claiming special attention, Steve Watson enunciated his point, “Take an example. If a brand X claims 99% fat free while a brand Y claims 1% fat, chances are that customers may flock into the stores of brand X. It is called ‘ideal proposition framing.’ Ever since the prehistoric times, man has always dared to take a peek into the future. Framing effect will make your future better.”

Subjecting his claims to logical scrutiny, Steve Watson said, “If this framing effect is applied to financial institutions such as banks, the question should ideally be ‘Are you ready to take credit?’ and not ‘Are you ready to take debt?’ For our ecommerce marketplace scripts- Admire ecommerce marketplace, Admire digital marketplace and Admire mcommerce marketplace scripts, we insist our target audiences to ‘Try our trial version’ and not ‘Pay for our premium version.’ “The event came to an end with the much needed power dining. Feedback forms were given to all the attendees and not surprisingly, the founders found the feedback to be perfectly positive.

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