Healthy living company offers practical advice for those focused on well-being and fitness

June 27, 2016 - For those who’ve recently decided to aim for a healthier lifestyle, including fitness and well-being, the path can be challenging to navigate. Smart Choice Fitness has released tips to help people along their journey.

Smart Choice Fitness commends anyone who has decided to lead a healthier life by making changes in their day to day diet, exercise, or well-being regimen. The company recommends that anyone who has just started a healthier lifestyle to write down their short-term and long-term goals. If they haven’t received a routine check-up recently, Smart Choice Fitness recommends a quick physical to ensure that they are cleared by their doctor for any new exercise. During a routine screening, people can also get a snapshot of their current health and ask their doctor any pressing questions.

The team at Smart Choice Fitness encourages people to live active lifestyles that include exercise as well as recreational activities, such as sports or hiking. The company also advises people to ensure they are getting adequate amounts of sleep.

According to Smart Choice Fitness, one of the best tools for those who want to focus more on their diet is keeping a food diary to keep on track.

‘We love the free Smartphone app - ‘My Fitness Pal’’ says Nigel Piper of SmartChoice Fitness, ‘It takes a little time each day to input your food, but if you are serious about eating more healthily it is a superb way to track how much sugar/fat etc you are consuming daily.  Even for someone who is already conscious about their food intake, it can be an eye-opener to realise just how much sugar is ‘hidden’ in everyday ‘healthy’ foods.  Remove this sugar and the results will speak for themselves’.

Smart Choice Fitness also reminds people who’ve just launched a healthy lifestyle to stay hydrated. Even slight dehydration can cause undesirable symptoms, which is why Smart Choice Fitness encourages people to drink plenty of purified or fruit-infused water every day. Traditionally, physicians have recommended eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day, but this amount can vary per person.

‘Proper hydration can boost mood, assist with diets, and increase overall health, and can be encouraged by keeping water on-hand throughout the day.’ continues Nigel ‘However, many people do not wish to drink plain water, therefore infusing water with fruit is a great way to make water more flavorsome’.

The Smart Choice Fitness Fruit Infused Water Bottle is one way for people to flavor their water and to safely carry it with them all day as the 24 ounce bottle is BPA-free.  It is also made of durable Tritan plastic that is designed for daily use. The bottle features a fruit infuser and lockable flip lid, making it easy for people to carry their homemade infused water on-the-go, and as an added bonus you get a free Recipe EBook upon purchase! Click here to view on  It is also available in the United States — click here for details
Smart Choice Fitness is proud to work with people from all walks of life who want to get back to basics and enjoy healthier lifestyles. The family-owned business offers a range of products and advice designed to help people increase their overall well-being and fitness. More information can be found at

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