Many Americans report dissatisfaction with their professional and personal lives. They feel unhappy in their relationships. They feel stressed about their careers. They are not sure if they are on the right path, and they yearn to have that clarity and direction. Fortunately, those individuals who seek a clear path for tomorrow can get started today. The world’s leader in dream building is thrilled to offer life-success tips and new ways to make a difference, right now.

A major component of success in life may come from a surprising source, one’s suffering. In a recent article by Mary Morrissey, found at , the life coach expert recounts a meeting with Nelson Mandela, in which the inspiring leader shares that his imprisonment, his own suffering, led him through a transformational journey that motivated him to be an agent of change in South Africa.

Mary Morrissey urges her readers, as seen at , to consider the bigger purpose in their lives, to use the present moment, hardships and all, to discover their visions for the future.

At her wildly successful DreamBuilder Live seminars, Mary Morrissey uses these principles, described at , to help attendees achieve more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

For more life success tips, this best-selling author’s DreamBuilder Live events provide the step-by-step guidance, inspirational direction, and supportive community for difference-makers everywhere.

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Mary Morrissey is a globally recognized expert in life coach training and certification. A best-selling author, Morrissey excels in creating programs that motivate individuals to discover their purpose and make a difference in the world.

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