Germany - The Touch screen such as 7 open frame LCD with touch is one kind of pointing device which the user can directly input coordinate information by hand pointing. This kind of device is just like the traditional inputting devices such as and mouse and keyboard. The touch screen has had advantages such as durable, fast response and space-saving. On the other hand, this kind of device could also help people be easy to communicate with the computer itself. With this technique, people could just use their fingers to achieve the controlling for the computer. This technique has greatly facilitated the operation of those who do not understand computers using. Now, the touch screen such as 17 open frame touch monitor with IR has been widely used in industrial, medical, communications, control, information, inquiries and other areas.

For the category of the touch screen, people should not know more about this area. Today, the top grade manufacturer for touch screen which website is would let people understand this information. This kind of knowledge would help people to make good selection in the purchasing of the electrical device which has contained the industrial LCD with touch.

The first factor is the resistive touch screen. There are two sorts of the industrial lcd with touch resistive touch screen. The first kind is the analog resistive touch screen which is make the use of the pressure-sensitive to control the touch screen devices such as 6.5 inch 8inch 10inch 15 inch open frame monitor with capacitive. The second sort is the digital touch screen. However, the basic principles of the digital touch screen would be similar with the resistive touch screen. Nowadays, the digital Resistance can achieve screen multi-touching. However, with the development of the screen touching technology, the resistive touch screen is not popular like before.

The second main category is the capacitive touch screen. However, this kind of 7 open frame lcd with touch touch screen is the main stream in the market of electrical devices such as the smart phone and table PC. There are also two main categories for this kind of touch screen. The first type is the surface capacitive touch screen. This kind of touch screen is sensed touching behavior by the electric field induction of the touch screen. The second sort is the projected capacitive touch screen such as industrial LCD with touch. The projected capacitive touch screen has applied electrostatic field lines which would be emitted by touch screen electrode to achieve the sensing between the people¡¯s hand and the touch screen. The projected capacitive sensing technology can be divided into two types which are the self- capacitance and mutual capacitance.

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