Lancaster, PA — Parents are always worried about two things when it comes to their children: their health and how they are doing in school. Since most health issues are out of the parents’ hands, education is one area where they want to be hands-on. Students who have been underperforming in math have not always had the support that they need, and parents have put undue pressure on the students to perform at higher levels, even if the student does not have the foundational skills to make that possible. Masteryed seeks to fill in some of the gaps and make math education better for students.

Masteryed is a Tier 3 specialist in the response to intervention (RTI) instructional philosophy, and a sound resource for parents looking for assistance for their children. In RTI Tier 3 is a time when students need personalized training and individual instruction to make sure they have all of their basics covered. With the Masteryed program parents are able to start crafting an educational situation where their child is able to go through all of the basic instruction that they might have missed which is what is making it so hard for the child to do well in math at the later levels.

The RTI system is one that takes some of the pressure off of teachers to provide individual instruction for students who would be ok with less intrusive techniques, while still giving students who need the help some guidance. Masteryed fills this gap well, and their huge selection of different topics and programs ensure that children have a personal tutor whenever they need it, all the way through high school math classes.

American math education has been in trouble for years, and Masteryed gives teachers the tools that they need to make students perform to grade level or beyond. Parents can go to to see more about the teaching philosophy and to learn about the various stages in the Maseryed program.

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