Beverly Hills - To celebrate the most romantic day of the year, matchmaker Nicole Westwood is commiting to donating 5% of all profits from her agency earned on Valentine’s Day, Westwood Introductions International to charity.

Ms. Westwood has decided she would like this percentage to go to help fund food for families and individuals who are going hungry and can not afford to buy proper for themselves.

“ I have been fortunate to be highly successful in my business and want to make sure I give back to the world to say thanks. Hunger to me is something that is very prevalent in our society and I feel it is something that touches each one of us.”

Ms. Westwood has been a matchmaker since 2006, in that time she has matched over 200 happy couples for marriage, her company are based in Beverly Hills, California and work with clients all over the world to help them find the loves of their life.

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