August 20, 2015, Nantucket MA, USA - One year ago, the Iancu family found themselves in a very difficult situation, when their 2 year-old son, Maxim, was diagnosed with leukemia. It was the worst feeling that Sergiu and his wife could have imagined as parents. They were now feeling powerless and exhausted as they embarked on a 24-month journey of treatment for their son. Living on Nantucket Island, the Iancu family has to endure numerous trips to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston to help their son.

Luckily, the Iancu’s were not alone through this trying time. A few weeks after the scary diagnose, Sergiu met at a job site Jamie Feeley of Nantucket. There was a short conversation about the existing family pain. It did not take long after and Jamie found a solution to make the difficult situation less dramatic. By the end of the summer, Jamie organized on Nantucket a fundraising event that brought tougher a lot of good people and great friends.

In honor of this support, Sergiu designed and created the Maxbliss Nantucket Happy bracelet to encourage maximum happiness through all of life’s struggles. Bliss — happiness.

Whether it’s an island, a country, or a continent, everyone has their own happy place.

The Maxbliss bracelet represents the beauty of life, incorporating the natural elements of the sun and the sea.

The silver bead represents each person’s individual happy place, regardless of where that is (Nantucket). The yellow bead signifies the bright sun above, and the two blue beads represent the great ocean to the East and West. Finally, the white/gray beads surround the rest to signify the love of family and friends that is necessary to find that happy place.

Maxbliss is contributing with 30% of the each bracelet net sale price to support several charities, including organizations supporting research for Cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

Iancu family would like to thank Jamie Feeley and all of the supporters at the fundraising event.

Also, a big thank to Roger Vandenberg and Carol Izen for their enormous contribution. There would have been quite difficult without Cape Air’s support to travel to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Thank you very much!
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Contact Person: Sergiu Iancu
Phone: (508) 280 7285
Email: [email protected]
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