Home videos, professional videos, etc. have become widely prevalent because of the visual weight they carry. People like a video in motion rather than stare at a photograph simply because a video is animated and entertaining. Video sharing has therefore, become very popular, people do it all the time, using their computers, mobile devices and so on. The problem however, is the space that these videos take up. The new Video Compressor program is here to address this problem and present the user with an opportunity to save huge on space.

The Video Compressor program can help condense the existing video files and free up space for storage of other files or programs. The neat thing about this compressor which is not commonly seen with other compressors is that the user can decide on the size of the output file. So, rather than using the compressed file with a preset size, the user can actually set the size specs based on space availability and usage.

Additionally, the compressor helps compress existing files to any of the following formats: AVI, MPEG, FLV, 3GP, WMA, etc.

About the Video Compressor:

The Video Compressor program is now available in the basic version for free download. The program is highly effective for users who wish to organize the space on their computers, laptops, mobile devices etc.

While the output video size can be determined, the desired output quality can also be determined by the user. The program is very useful and works with all Windows OS systems. The program does the job of compression very effective keeping the user informed of the progress of compression. To know more about this program and to download it now for free, please log onto http://download.cnet.com/Free-Video-Compressor/3000-13631_4-76151101.html

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