16, December 2014: Turning imperfection into stunning perfection is the inspiration behind the designs and gemstone work of Maya Selway, one of the newest designers to get involved in the community of F&L Designers, and a popular designer at the Goldsmiths’ Fair held in September this year.

Maya’s unique approach to beauty and her defiance of the idea that with it comes flawless design is what drew F, from F&L Designer Guides to her intriguing pieces of work.

With no conventional limitations, Maya Selway’s work flirts with inclusions and emphasises flaws, making them features of her final pieces. Her commissions encourage her clients to see the beauty in natural forms and work with, rather than against what nature intended for a stone. This refreshing ethos sits well with the bespoke designer ideal that F&L Designer Guides is founded upon.

Re-cycling and re-using antique cut gemstones and working with diamonds that have formed around other elements that add colour, is part of Maya Selway’s work, and through this she designs completely unique rings and other jewellery that reflect the one-of-a-kind asymmetrical vision that many clients desire.

Maya Selway is a committed and motivated designer who works meticulously with love and attention to detail, emphasising a personal touch that resonates through every one of her handmade pieces. Her vibrant personality and her recognition of the impermanent nature of the objects she is inspired by are translated in her current collections. L, from F&L Designer Guides, is particularly struck by her use of texture and the way Maya has turned the patterns of patina erosion and ageing metal into artistic verse. She has resurrected gold dusting and fusing and has made a real impact in many of her designs by using these age-old techniques to realise the effect she envisages.

Of particular interest to F&L Designers are Maya Selway’s creative engagement ring bands. Imprinting magical patterns into the metal using a steel object, she creates unique and distinctive designs in every commission.

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