08, October 2015: A top-notch app exclusively designed for adventurous skateboarders across the US has stolen the hearts of hardcore skateboarders. The app supports iPhones, iPads and, apple watches.

The brand new Maybe iOS app is the first revolutionary location sharing technology worthy of skateboards. Kyle Murphy, the developer of this sophisticated yet easy to use app was inspired by Andrew Graunke with the ingenious concept. Connecting with fellow skateboarders, deciding where to skate, and inviting friends to skateboard can detract from the session with other apps or social networking sites. That is why this one of a kind app was introduced to the market. It is designed to suite the needs and likes of a skateboarding guys and girls. Teenage and the early years of youth are the most social years of ones life. Maybe builds lasting social bonds for these youngsters by bringing skateboarding friends together around their sport in real life.

Maybe iOS app is totally FREE and features extremely advanced technology to help the skateboarding fanatics to organize exciting spots while on the go. Maybe makes the world a better place for skateboarding with friends. A creator of a spot can send unlimited invites and every user can make unlimited spots for free. Maybe is a micro-social-networking tool for skateboarders. Each micro-social-network in Maybe is spot-specific. When an invitee enters or exists the geo-fence, the fellow skateboarders in that micro-social-network receive location information. Unlike many social networks, Maybe is for close friends who do things together in real life already. The app has offered the individual tools to quickly switch off location-tracking at any spot and ways to delete spots in order to protect privacy. For those who are cautious about their privacy, Maybe wishes to convey that it has taken all the necessary steps to secure it. It will not store previous locations visited or keep track on the movements of any use. The app builders hope to upgrade the features and tools of the skateboarding app based on the feedback of the users.

For more information and to download this sophisticated app on to an iPhone or apple watch, visit https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/maybe./id1025357487

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