Having problems with wilted herbs, soggy tobacco or even dry tobacco? Are you wasting money by having to throw your herbs and tobacco every so often? You are in need of storage that keeps your herbs and tobacco fresh. The answer is CVault !

FreshStor has developed a series of CVault containers that control humidity and has been branded as the ULTIMATE SOLUTION FOR FRESH HERBS AND PREMIUM ROLLING TOBACCO.

Each CVault canister is made of stainless steel with seals made of silicon rubber that will not dry or crack. It has 3 clamps that secures the lid to tack in freshness and is embedded with a built-in 62% Humidipack on the top lids. The Humidipak keeps tobacco at around 13% humidity for ideal freshness. After testing, even after 6 months or more of storage, tobacco kept in the CVault canisters remained fresh. Even very dry tobacco will be rehydrated, and tobacco that is too moist will be optimized as well in only a few days! No more soggy or dry tobacco! Its ingenious design allows to add or reduce moisture for perfect balance. No other container can do both like CVault. With brackets inside the lid of each CVault canister, there are no worries of the Humidipak ever touching your blend.

Are you afraid of having to spend money on a pack for each use? No worrries! They are long lasting packs that last for months with replacements easily purchased at FreshStor at great affordable prices. Replacements come in 2 sizes, 8 grams for most canister sizes and 60 gram for larger containers.

Bestselling canister is the 1.5 liter, although they come in smaller sizes for few ounces of tobacco and even bigger sizes (1 liter — 4.4 gallons) for even more tobacco. The largest Cvault canister can hold pounds of tobacco or even several bags. You can now keep all your tobacco safe and ready for the next use today, tomorrow or even next month!

Each canister is made in the highest quality for durability with style in mind. Save time and money! You will never have to waste another herb or tobacco because they have wilted, they are soggy or dry. Your problem has been solved! At a great price you can get Freshstor’s CVault- the ultimate solution for fresh herbs and premium rolling tobacco.

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