Iowa City based data services company, Mazira LLC, has brought to the public, a web service for organizing and keeping track of personal “memories” or images stored online.

The service, once linked for free with a user’s online account, such as their email address, provides a timeline of images as well as the ability to share those images. Additional features, such as document support are planned for the future.

Ross Johnson, CTO and Mastermind at Mazira, said that Mazira is going to take the service further. “We’re working on photo organization, so users will be able to move pictures from one source like Twitter, directly into another like Dropbox” said Johnson. “This is just the beginning, plans are already underway to add document search from multiple cloud sources.”

Previously, Mazira has released an API for image rasterization( Anith Mathai, CEO of Mazira, said that launching is a good addition to the company’s previous accomplishments in cloud data management. “While working with images for one of our clients, we realized that image aggregators do not exist!” said Mathai. “Taking it a step further, people’s private cloud presence is growing fast, and we need to address that space with better cloud management tools”
“ is an excellent tool for finding and sharing memories that were buried in your internet history and forgotten,” said Johnson, “but we’re looking forward to being able to do even more.” has the ability to import images from other online photo sources such as Facebook and Dropbox. Users can view photos from their different accounts concurrently on their timeline, so they can have a fuller view of their online life and history. Mazira will be releasing document search shortly. If you would like to be on the beta list, contact us ([email protected])

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Anith Mathai, (866) 319-6068  or [email protected]
Ross Johnson [email protected]