The MCSE has recently been reinvented to accommodate the rise in cloud computing. Several changes have been made to help accommodate this new upgrade in technology.

This is actually an important moment in history, as well as for the Microsoft Corporation and the certifications that it offers. Those who are currently working towards their MCSE, as well as the future employers who will be employing them, are all aware of the need for more cloud services. Therefore they will draw up job vacancies that state that the required candidate should have a knowledge of cloud computing.

Now many technical professionals will need to understand this broader range of technologies in order to design solutions when problems occur.

It is evident now that those who are currently applying for their MCSE certification will have to go a little deeper in their learning and research in order to integrate public cloud technologies into their education effectively.

In order to accommodate the recent changes, the Microsoft certification program has had to be reinvented to incorporate this new, cutting edge form of technology. The new certifications for most IT professionals as well as IT developers will typically be placed into three levels; these are: associate, expert and master.

The main certification and goal for most IT professionals from now on will be Microsoft Certified Solutions expert or simply MCSE. It has the same abbreviation but has been reinvented in order to incorporate a greater focus more on the technologies used in cloud computing.

Many organisations across the world are turning towards to cloud technologies in order to help improve productivity levels and cut costs - effectively helping to improve the overall growth of their business.

It has been estimated that by the year 2015, the amount of innovations in the IT industry that have come about as a result of the cloud network could create up to $1.1 trillion US dollars in a year in new business revenues.

As a result, this has made cloud technologies one of the most sought after types of technologies available and there are so many great benefits that cloud has to offer all types of businesses. Therefore it isn't really that surprising that a company as huge as Microsoft has taken the decision to revamp the program - replacing it with a more complex MCSE course.

The changes that have been made to the MCSE certifications process will help technology professionals to gain the skills and knowledge that they need in order to plan, design and implement both cloud and hybrid network solutions. It will also aid recruitment managers find individuals who have these skills - as well as the others that they would expect someone with an MCSE qualification to have. This new type allows a lot of changes to be made and will reflect the changes of the role of IT professionals, as well as developers who work within the cloud.

It is ultimately hoped that the cloud will free up more technology professionals to work on other more important ventures in the future.

Cloud computing has already began to affect the way in which we use computers. This article examines how the introduction of cloud computing has changed the MCSE qualifaction.