Media Freeware has launched ISO Mount app that makes it easier for people to mount ISO files with the help of CDs and DVDs.

Users who have tried their hand at this task in the past would know how tricky it can be. There has been software for this purpose in the market before but not only is it supposed to be expensive but cumbersome as well. However this app is meant to be quite straightforward for the convenience of users.

One of the highlights of this software is it’s easy to use interface. Those without any experience in handling such apps can get a hang of it sooner rather than later. It is also boosted by features that give them a complete all around experience, according to its claims. Everything is kept quite clean and the features are displayed in a single window so that users can make the right choices for themselves.

The app is also said to be versatile and can handle the task of mounting and un-mounting ISO files by a simple click. Using ISO Mount , one also has the ability of creating these files from CD ROM, which is an added advantage. And the fact that it doesn’t have a configuration feature works as an advantage for users.

That’s because the app performs at its optimum on its own and also selects affects conducive to users’ systems. Thus right from the installation, which is said to be simple and quick to its regular functioning, it works at a brisk space and without any hiccups.

ISO Mount clearly is an app that has been designed to help users who otherwise struggle with this important function. Those who want to know more about the app and its features can visit

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