Winter Springs, United States; 03, October 2016: Meditative Wisdom is an online store. Their goal is to provide people with inspiration for their meditation needs. Based in Orlando, Florida, Meditative Wisdom hand-pick the items that they sell. As a result, only the best products on the market get offered.

Meditative Wisdom has recently updated their product offering. One can now find new gemstone mala bracelets and meditation cushions.

The artistic beauty and function of mala bracelets

Meditative Wisdom stock a wide variety of mala bracelets. Made from the highest quality materials, each one is also unique. All malas have their own individual presence or energy which gets based on the materials used.

Malas aren't just beautiful gemstone bracelets. They help people with their meditation practice. Even the mere act of just picking one up can help people reach a deeper state of meditation. The result? A more positive impact on their lives.

The malas offered on the Meditative Wisdom website come in a range of colors and styles. The website, located at, also includes a mala selection guide. In it, the handy guide offers guidance on choosing malas by design, color, and purpose.

Wide range of gemstone options

Customers have a broad choice of gemstone options when selecting a new mala. Amazonite, for example, helps calm and balance emotional trauma and irritation. It's also useful at filtering and blocking EMFs from electronic devices.

Black Onyx is a stone used for protection and strength. And it also converts negative energy into a positive form. Jade is a sacred stone that helps provide emotional stability and harmony. And moonstone can help improve intuition and insight.

Stylish meditation cushions

The "zafu" meditation cushions offered by Meditative Wisdom come in a range of styles. A zafu cushion is an essential accessory to anyone that does meditation. Japanese in origin, the zafu often gets used in zazen Zen meditation.

Each cushion sold by Meditative Wisdom is comfortable and made of materials like cotton. There are also eco-friendly options available, such as the natural hemp zafu.

The importance of zafu meditation cushions

Many people find that meditating on the floor is ideal for them. Of course, floors aren't the most comfortable of surfaces! To make the experience more enjoyable, a zafu can get used on the floor.

Zafu meditation cushions also help with hip elevation and tilt. They can improve energy flow throughout the body and reduce uncomfortable distractions. They will also stop one's legs from going numb or "falling asleep"!

About Meditative Wisdom:

Meditative Wisdom is a leading online resource of meditation aids. The Florida-based online store sells mala beads, bracelets, bags and zafu meditation cushions.

The website provides a secure online ordering facility for customers. They also offer free shipping for U.S. buyers, and a flat $10 fee for international customers.

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