Medora Centre for Medicine and Surgery has been recognized and registered under the Ministry of Health in Singapore. This healthcare facility offers quality medical and surgical services. Moreover, it is manned by a team of high caliber physicians who are legally registered to perform their clinical expertise. Dr Zubin Medora is one of them.

Knowing More about Dr Medora

Medora Centre for Medicine and Surgery is headed by Dr Medora as he is the Medical Director and Primary Care Doctor of the facility. He obtained an undergraduate education in medicine and a postgraduate qualification in the field of surgery. He has as well gained a reliable clinical experience and training in cosmetic operations.

Medora Centre is composed of respectable medical professionals who are registered in Singapore to practice their clinical profession legally. The physicians are specialists in various fields which include aesthetic procedures like cosmetic surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgeries, EENT surgery, hair restoration, face lift, breast reduction and other related medical and surgical operations.

Majority of the surgeries done in Medora Centre for Medicine and Surgery are related to cosmetic enhancement. The said surgeries are generally non-invasive or minimally invasive. The aforementioned surgical procedures are performed by highly qualified medical practitioners. Hence, patients are assured of good clinical outcomes.

One of the noninvasive cosmetic procedures done in Medora Centre is Multiplex (MPX). This surgical procedure is recommended for patients who already have wrinkles, pigmentation, and stretch marks. Aesthetic results are attained by stimulating collagen remodeling which develops normally at the deep superficial layer of the skin. Generally, it utilizes two laser beams. One laser targets the deep collagen while the other laser focuses on the topmost layer of the skin.

Definitely, stretch marks are results of damaged layers of the skin. Through Multiplex procedure, stretch marks are given an aggressive treatment. This process is specifically intended to stimulate the deep collagen. This is done with the use of laser beams which eradicates damaged skin. Consequently, the regeneration occur forming layers of new and firm skin. Hence, the public may check the affirm multiplex treatment performed by Dr Medora .

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Dr Zubin Medora
Medical Director and Primary Care Doctor
Medora Centre for Medicine and Surgery
Phone: 6836 6035
Business Mailing Address:
#03-08 Camden Medical Centre, One Orchard Boulevard, Singapore 248649
E-mail: [email protected]