There are many people buying into the hype of vaporizers, but there's one vaporizer that does it all including talking to you.

The Herbalizer Table top vaporizer is a one of a kind vaporizer that would take a large investment for a motivated vapor enthusiast to buy. This vaporizer does everything and anything for you including 3 different vaporizer modes. It has an LCD smart screen to where you can customize the settings you want to vaporize with. It also can be custom set to welcome you every-time you start the herbalizer. This is a one of a kind vaporizer as it has a motherboard that inherits memory for the specific settings you set the vaporizer at. It has the highest amount of heat out of any type of vaporizer. The 300 watt halogen light bulb is capable at producing heat of over 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it the hottest vaporizer in the market. The Herbalizer took 4 years of research and development to create from the smartest minds in the world, NASA engineers. This unit was focused to provide health, wellness and relaxation and has lived up to its standards.

The three modes it uses are called classic aromatherapy, vapor therapy and freestyle mode. Each mode is specific to the material you're trying to use. Classic aromatherapy is made for materials, vapor therapy is used specifically for oils and waxes and freestyle is used to vaporize the entire environment you are in. This unit was created home of San Diego, the Herbalizer is guaranteed to provide the ultimate vaping experience. It is a hand-built medical device that caters to the need of the patient. This vaporizer even has a Mezzaine storage where you lift up the compartment and can store your accessories and materials without them falling out.

This is a vaporizer you probably can't afford, if you can, it is well worth the investment. It filters out 100% of all carcinogens and is truly the best unit to use if you are in critically bad health. You won't inhale any chemicals and you won't ever have to worry about your unit reaching the point of combustion. The Herbalizer is your for $699.95