Lyons, CO; 14 December, 2013: Gregory Hoag, sacred geometry expert and co-owner of Metaforms launched an amazing new subtle energy tool, the I.Connect2.

The I.Connect2 is a tool that serves one comprehensive purpose: connection.

This sacred geometry tool iconnect is designed to provide a full range of integrative connections that enhance vitality, health and conscious awareness. It establishes a field around you that effects everything that it touches. This means that many people are connecting more to their “higher” self and intuition, experiencing joy, compassion, well-being, peacefulness, heightened meditations and physical improvements.

We all have experiences of how beautiful, serene places in nature encourage us to feel greater joy, creativity, a sense of well-being, and a connection to a higher purpose. We seek these feelings to fill us up and renew. Our lives are the most fulfilling when we experience our divine nature, feeling connected to all creation.

The I.Connect2 is designed to support you as you shift to live in your heart, while hearing the voice of your soul. It helps you overcome confusion and concern and transform your life to more joy and love.

Hoag just released this new sacred energy tool, the I.Connect2 after experiencing damage to 2/3 of his Lyons, CO property by a biblical flood. But magically, their home and energy tools were spared any damage.

Many people report that they sleep better with their I.Connect2 under their pillow. Some others swear that their romantic relationship has shifted to a new level. And many more say that their hectic lives are more calm and productive.

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