All across the world, there are a number of different types of regional preferences when it comes to roofing. Usually, the main concern for builders and property owners is how the roof will hold up against various architectural and climate changes. Additionally, how the style will be reflected and whether it will detract or add to the home's value is of concern. Chances are, Metal Roofing Lancaster PA can find a style that would be suitable for any home, regardless of style preferences or climate issues.

Roofing Materials

Many installers and consumers are surprised to learn that metal roofs are available in such a wide array of styles. They are also designed to fit any neighborhood and to look just like any other typical roofing style - replicating slate, cedar shake, tile, standing seam vertical panels and shingle.


Many roofing materials like tile and wood shingles have weather related issues. Wood shingles tend to dry, crack and curl over short periods of time. Wood shake roofs often need to be replaced before the twenty year mark. In colder climates with freeze and thaw cycles, concrete roofs regularly do not work efficiently. Metal roofing outlasts all of these products and retains its good appearance, as well.

Also, the recycled content for metal roofs is approximately 56 percent over asphalt, from the production to installation process. Metal roofs can also be installed over the current roof, lessening labor costs even more.

Additionally, metal roofs offer a great deal of insulation. They have the ability to keep the property at an optimum temperature regardless of whether it is cold, hot, freezing, humid or dry outside. As a result, they can actually help to lower utility bills. Metal is also actually a great material for many other parts of the home as well, and is incorporated by Doors Lancaster PA professionals on a regular basis.

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