China - Polo shirt was originally worn by ancient aristocratic people when they were playing the polo. It is probably because of the comfortable feeling, this kind of shirt has been eventually called the polo shirt and later widely beloved by popular people. Although this shirt is very comfortable, the washing process for this cloth should be carefully paid attention by people. So, how do people wash their POLO shirt? Today, the famous cheap polo shirts online seller will introduce with people correctly methods about the polo shirt washing.

The washing method for the polo shirt has been listed below.

First, the cheap polo shirts should be only washed by the water which temperature is below 30 degrees or only dry cleaning. Otherwise, it will cause into very adversely affecting to these shirts.

Secondly, after the normally washing process, the leather wallets for women could not be bleached or manual drying. The naturally drying method should be the most suitable choice of people.

Thirdly, in the washing process for the polo shirts, the clothes should be fold over from inner space. On the other hand, the deeply and lightly color clothes must be washed separately or the deeply color clothes will affect the color of the light clothes.

Fourthly, the ironing process for the polo shirt should be plus with the thin mattress.

If people do not wear their polo shirt for long period of time, they should know something more about these maintenance methods.

First, the POLO shirt should be best not dried by the sunlight exposure. On the contrary, this cloth should be dried under the shade and good ventilated condition. After drying for some time, the polo shirt should be putted under a weak the environment with weak sunlight. At the same time, it is best to turn POLO shirt over for drying which could help protect POLO shirt color and wearing life.

When people are drying POLO shirt, they could not twist too their mens leather wallets for too drying condition. On the contrary, the polo shirts should be dried with related amount of water. On the other hand, the POLO shirt lapel, collar, sleeves must be leveled by hand. So, the dried polo shirts could better maintain its flat appearance. If readers¡¯ home has drying string bag, the wet polo shirts can be flat on the string bag for drying.

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