Executive coaching is a discipline that helps employees develop an executive presence, while understanding better their company's objectives and trying to reach them with a minimum of resources. Employees that benefit from an executive development program manage to acquire new skills, get a clear direction, and become more focused on what they do.


Methods of executive coaching Perth or executive coaching Brisbane can vary from simple lectures to complex workshops meant to allow employees improve their performance and fulfill their potential. Generally, company managers are those who contact executive coaches for their top-level employees, although there are cases when coaches are contacted directly by employees.


It is preferable to have the company manager’s approval before running an executive development program, because such program can involve more than just one or two top-level employees, but some other members of the personnel as well, and the general manager needs to know that some other employees participate in the executive coaching program.


Usually, executive coaching Perth and executive coaching Brisbane rely on two main parts: a theoretical part that takes place in a classroom-like environment and a practical part that is based on experiential learning. This practical part is the one that has a higher impact on improving employees’ performance.


An executive development program starts with a classroom-based training, during which coaches present the benefits of developing leadership skills, and also the steps needed to reach a certain goal, usually established by the general manager. This training is backed up by books and magazines recommended by the executive coach.


Besides being able to participate in a training where physical presence is required, employees also have the possibility of reading materials online. Generally, executive coaches give their "students" access to various documents stored online. It is important to do so, because, due to the nature of their jobs, executives may skip some classes.


But they do not stand a chance in front of coaches, because they need to go through all the documents, if they want to obtain excellent results. Plus, by understanding the theory part of the executive development program, employees become more prepared for the second phase of the program: the experiential learning.


Experiential learning is probably the best method of executive coaching, allowing employees to try some new situations that require their attention and skills to the maximum. By observing their reactions, executive coaches know what advice to give to the employees, in order to help them improve their attitude towards change.


Executives who go through an executive coaching program are aware they are subjects of examination and are not afraid of being monitored. They realize this is for their own good, since an executive coaching program is created to help employees transform their old and outdated perspectives into new ones, while allowing them to reach their goals faster and easier.


Multiple factors affect the performance of employees: their jobs, responsibilities, communication with colleagues and superiors, the lack or existence of a clear career path, or the constant situations present within the organisation.  Thankfully, executive coaching Perth or executive coaching Brisbane can improve employee performance, by allowing them to participate in working groups, and can increase communication, by giving them clear directions towards a specific career goal and by helping them create an organisational culture where no conflict is present.