Companies that sell products or services online take into consideration a lot of reports when trying to increase web site traffic and improve its visibility. And one of these reports refers to the website’s conversion rate. This is the percent of people who visit your website and take a certain action that you consider important, such as buying a product or at least requiring more information about it. To increase conversion rate, website owners have to contact a reliable SEO company.

The conversion rate of a website is the fraction between the desired number of clients who take a certain action like the one of ordering a product or a service on your website or of asking more information about that product or service and the total number of visitors. To give you an example, the conversion rate of a website is 25%, if from 100 unique visitors who enter the website within a certain period of time, usually a month, 25 place an order and buy a product or service.

To increase conversion rate, online store managers, marketing specialists, and web content administrators need to collaborate with an SEO engineer, to make sure they use the right keywords, photos and layout to attract their potential customers and transform them into actual customers. Search engine optimization is not only about attracting customers to a website, but also about making those people who visit it take a desired action like purchasing a product or service or discussing with a sales representative and asking more information about it.

The collaboration with the SEO engineer or company does not have to rely only on the reports that the engineer or company sends to you to convince you that you benefit from a much higher number of visitors than in the past, when you did not collaborate with them. The most important reports that you need are those coming from your sales department, reports that confirm more customers and more sales. No other reports are important, if they do not reflect reality.

Another thing that is important to increase web site traffic is to care about your existing and potential customers’ opinion. You can ask your existing customers questions about the quality of your products or services, delivery time, or shopping experience, to make sure you follow the same path to success in the future, or try to improve their experience. At the same time, you can ask your potential customers questions about what they would love to purchase from you and what kind of rewards they would like to receive, such as significant discounts, referral programs or loyalty bonuses.

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