Fresno, CA, July 25, 2013: US Prepaid Wireless, an authorized MetroPCS dealer, with a reputation for providing a variety of attractive mobile plans and handsets to its customer-base, is launching a total of ten new MetroPCS retail stores in the Fresno, California market. The MetroPCS authorized dealer locations will open on Friday, July 26, 2013, and Fresno stores will include 2601 E. Ashlan Street, 4271 N. First Street, and 367 W. Shaw Street.

MetroPCS leads in providing unlimited talk, text, and fast, 4G LTE data service with no annual contract. The company’s unique policies provide Fresno MetroPCS customers with the flexibility they require, setting a standard for wireless providers nationwide. MetroPCS customers enjoy the simplicity of never needing to keep track of voice minutes, text messages, or data used, and all taxes and fees are included in cost of their plans, which start at the low price of $40 per month, so that monthly bills never come with a surprise. The Fresno market will now be able to take advantage of the flexibility and simplicity at one of many MetroPCS authorized dealer locations.

Further, Fresno MetroPCS customers will benefit from the recent merger between MetroPCS and nationwide provider T-Mobile USA. Users may choose from the broad selection of handsets offered by MetroPCS and T-Mobile at all of Fresno’s MetroPCS retail stores, including the Samsung Galaxy s3. Plus, Fresno customers will receive excellent coverage and service on MetroPCS and T-Mobile’s GSM and HSPA networks, which span the nation with robust signal strength and fewer dropped calls.

Fresno customers will also appreciate access to the strength of an LTE network that combines the resources of both MetroPCS and T-Mobile, offering consistently fast data speeds across their metro area, and all over the nation.

The new MetroPCS authorized dealers will showcase a spectacular array of devices with the unlimited talk, text, and data of MetroPCS, while allowing Fresno customers broad GSM and HSPA voice coverage and the data speeds of the 4G LTE network. With a variety of stores in locations throughout the Fresno metropolitan area, consumers can easily choose a simple, unlimited plan, with no annual contract, and walk away with a device that operates on one of the most reliable, and fastest, networks in the nation.

For Media Contact:
Alex Brioni
US Prepaid Wireless
Fresno, CA
Phone: 559-221-1200