One of Americas most influential Internet marketers, Michael Azizian Jovan, teams up with XL Inc. to launch a new app designed to help under privileged students obtain access to their classes via smartphone technology. The launch comes after nearly four years of scrutiny by educators who suggest that ‘in-person contact’ is the most effective form of education and fear that traditional attendance will decrease.

In response to the criticism, Michael Azizian Jovan who has effectively worked on the application from beginning, has never lost sight of the projects primary goal to make higher education available to anyone regardless of their ability to pay tuition or attend traditional classes.

Supporters of the app have praised Michael Azizian Jovan for his willingness to advance the project in record time despite the lack of monetary gains. In a recent interview, Michael Azizian Jovan was quoted as saying “It’s not always about how much money a phone app can generate but the value it can provide to its users.” XL Inc. has confirmed that the educational app called ‘EduDaze’ and will be available in late 2017 and plans not to include any in-app purchases.

Michael Azizian Jovan, Developer XL INC. Contact person is: Adam McCarter, Project Manager 4045 south Buffalo Drive Suite A101-476 Las Vegas, NV 89147 Phone: 725-502-2248