Orlando, Florida; 18, December 2015: Microtips Technology Inc., have been a leading LCD displays modules, OEM and ODM products manufacturer and they have built, since 1990, successful partnerships with some of the largest suppliers throughout the world. ‘’We integrates worldwide technology resources to ensure that Microtips Technology inc. has technological advantages to design, develop, and manufacture high value-added products, and solutions for customers’’ explains Microtips Technology inc.

Microtips Technology has released the new TFT LCD Display, LCD Character Display and finally the 7.0 Drone TFT Transmissive Display as part of their product line that is geared towards those who need high quality transmission and reception LCD devices.

The TFT LCD Display is one of the most advanced liquid crystal displays available on the market, and offers excellent clarity on a small screen. This 7.0 TFT display offers all of the benefits of its "In Plane Switching" technology, which includes no gray inversion, a wide view cone and free viewing angles. This active matrix TFT display creates vibrant images and offers a 7.0 inch TFT display that can be used in a variety of applications.

The new Microtips Technology LCD Character Display gives the kind of precise look that LCD screens are expected to deliver. These character LCD modules can be used in a variety of applications, and work well with a variety of systems. Microtips Technology customers can choose from a variety of LCD display sizes and types to find the one that fits their particular application.

The 7.0 Drone TFT Transmissive Display is a Wifi-enabled replacement display that can be easily dropped into any drone configuration. As the drone market expands, the engineers at Microtips Technology have been working on LCD technology that will best serve the drone market. The new transmissive displays are examples of active matrix TFT displays that offer clear images, and can also indicate low battery life to protect the drone.

Anyone interested in learning more about these innovative products can visit the Microtips Technology website at http://www.microtipsusa.com Microtips Technology remains dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of LCD development and manufacturing, and offering solutions that make sense to all of its customers.

Customers are encouraged to browse the rest of the Microtips Technology product catalog to find solutions that fit their specific needs.

About Microtips Technology Inc.:

Microtips Technology designs and manufactures high quality LCD display products. From simple touchscreen displays to full turnkey presentation solutions, Microtips Technology stands among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Liquid Crystalline Displays (LCDs) on a global scale. The company provides complete turnkey solutions such as product design and development for its customers, whether in OEM manufacturing or designing. The company is a strong force in the display industry owing to its local sales and engineering support across the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

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